Originally from Onalaska, WI, Abby Daleki holds a BFA and MA in studio arts from Minnesota State University, Mankato and an MFA from the University of Delaware. They work primarily with acrylic paint. Currently, Abby is an artist based out of Kansas City, MO. They create bright-colored abstract object paintings that are hung on the wall, cut out from the frame, suspended from the ceiling, and/or pinned directly to the wall, exploring obsession and rumination, and using found and collected materials. Their work comments on male abstract painters and nods to female abstract artists like Lynda Benglis, Jessica Stockholder, and Judy Pfaff. In addition to painting, Abby makes small, mixed-media drawings (usually during their 100 Day Project) adding in “junk-mail poetry”, they will also draw your cat (if you’ll let them), and, on occasion, they write short-read poems that sometimes stick you right where it hurts.