artist statement

Decisive, spontaneous, honest, calculated, spatial. These five words are used to describe my current body of work- the shapes, solid color, and hard linework, they (the colored shapes but also each separate painting) hold each color up- taking up space and also being contained in that space. I think of each painting as a dialogue or a conversation and they fuel the drive of vibrant colors. Each colored shape represents a being and the way they take up space in the painting is comparable to how the being takes up space in this realm. I’ve always thought each painting depicted a real-life scenario and the way we interact with each other. It’s really confusing, to be human. But by painting these clunky, bright forms, I find comfort in hoping they exist as real people out there. Using female-fronted punk music as the soundtrack while working, the works (the beings, the dialogues) hold their own and can stand alone. I continue to be unapologetic and deliberate with my mark making.